Dan Mahoney (gushi) wrote,
Dan Mahoney

Where is Angel's First Office

Kat and I are re-running through the series of Angel. For the first season, Angel's office is at a location that none of the fan-FAQs list.
The doors of the building are shown here. Many actual LA locations were used in the Angel series, and I suspect this is an actual front location and not a set.

Last night, while watching Addams Family Values (a Thanksgiving Tradition), we saw the same building used as the "13th Precint" for an establishing shot (right before a Nathan Lane cameo). This movie was also shot at locations around LA.

I've been trying to figure out what building in LA this is. John Marshall High School was used in the buffy movie, but is close, but not it (and I've looked at other entrances to the same building).

The quad-door layout makes me think it might in fact be another school, but I can't be sure. I'm half-tempted to write to Joss and ask. This info seems to be much more complete for Buffy than it does for Angel.

This Blog Entry Gave me the clue that perhaps I should try searching for an artistic style called "collegiate gothic" but that's still not enough.

Anyone have any good ideas? This is frustrating enough that I'm tempted to put a bounty out on the information.

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