September 10th, 2010

Bitey Gushi

On the whole Quran-burning

I've been hearing a lot about this on the internet, on facebook, and the like.

So here's my thoughts, for those who care. The Quran is a BOOK. It's made of ink and compressed wood pulp. The power of its words, or the lessons it teaches do not go away if you burn it. In fact, in order to burn the book, you have to buy it, which in turn increases sales of it.

I'm saddened at the burnings of any book, be it fiction, holy text, or reference book -- there's knowledge, history, and culture in books -- regardless of where you stand on the religion. Even if you don't believe a word of it, perhaps reading it can help you understand the lives of so many other people you share the planet with.

While I'd certainly be much more saddened if people were burning rare Qurans, or those with particular historical significance, it's still just a book. As is the bible. As is the Torah. Ironically, the people burning it believe in its r just as much as, and possibly more than...those who follow its teachings.

Perhaps XKCD put it best (as they often do).


Bitey Gushi

Ringtones Just for Funsies

My ringtone at work, up till today, was a loud, screaming 3-stooges Curly -- similar to the noise that Zoidberg makes when running away from something, that "woob woob woob" noise.

As much as this irritates my coworkers, there's an element of practicality: it can be heard from a couple rooms away, and it's distinctive in that it's my phone that's ringing.

Since I'm doing some work adding an "intercom" function (which will need a very short tone before the phone auto-answers it), I decided to add a few more custom ringtones. Mainly to get the hang of converting the files to the right formats.

So, I used this and this as some of the new selections.

Now, if only the system gave me a way to set it as everyone's default ringtone, I'd have some fun.

Bitey Gushi

As I slowly chip away at it...

The ambulance bills are paid off! Yay! All that's left is the actual ER payments, which are still substantial, but there's a plan in place to handle them and payments are being made and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to them.

Federal Back Taxes are still annoying as ever, but I can see that light off in the distance as well. It no longer feels like "forever". It no longer seems insurmountable.

My storage bin has been put on auto-pay, to coincide with my "big" (as in, the one that's not eaten by rent) paycheck each month. I found out today that units of the same size on the upper floors of the facility are like $30 a month cheaper, so I might wind up doing that (might buy some garage shelving at the same time and re-organize).

There's one more obligation I'm trying to settle, but it's stressful for personal reasons. However, I hope to get that taken care of within the next month or two as well.

Also, for some inane reason, one of my credit cards gave me a small credit limit increase (this is a rare occurence for me). Could it actually be (gasp) that I'm becoming a Responsible Adult?